Don’t Let Go! – 4 (Final)

A bottle washes up in the shores of Florida triggering a chain of events. A story about a mother's quest for redemption. A story about a young boy drowning in hopelessness.


Don’t Let Go! – 3

A message in a bottle that washes ashore prompts a mother to go on a search for author.

Caught in the web..

Tangled in the spiral mesh, Woven by glittery world of web I seek liberty from this abyss, But each 'like' pulls me in deep And deeper into this rabbit hole...

Forbidden love.

It's official. I am a lost cause. There is no redemption from this obsession that has me incapacitated. It is all I can think of.  Every waking thought is spent in curbing this itch of mine. The constant sparring between evil me and angelic me has left me spinning. My mind has been working overtime trying to... Continue Reading →

City of Gods.

City of Gods is a series of short stories inspired from true incidents that happened when calamity struck Chennai. Though the characters and story is entirely fictional, the essence of the story is very much true. It is the story of all those gods who live among us.

The Window

A short story written with the theme 'Light'.

The bell had gonged some time ago but the sheer physical exhaustion was dragging my eyes shut. I turn to my side in an attempt to fall back asleep and felt a warm caress on my cheeks, slowing rousing me from my sleep. With a smile, I opened my eyes to see a shaft of light coming through the single window, falling directly on my face. The sun was shyly peeking out of clouds, almost as if he felt guilty for waking me up.

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