The Window

The bell had gonged some time ago but the sheer physical exhaustion was dragging my eyes shut. I turn to my side in an attempt to fall back asleep and felt a warm caress on my cheeks, slowing rousing me from my sleep. With a smile, I opened my eyes to see a shaft of light coming through the single window, falling directly on my face. The sun was shyly peeking out of clouds, almost as if he felt guilty for waking me up. Every morning, I stand in front of the window, soaking in the sunlight that pools in through the window, enveloping me like my mom’s hug. I was fascinated by the world out there. As I stood there, I heard sound of cane hitting hard on my fellow roommates. I shook myself out of my daydream and rushed to get ready. We have to be at the factory at sharp 6 30am.

The two monsters that guarded the gates never missed an opportunity to punish us. Fearing further whipping, we all washed up and huddled together quickly, waiting to be taken to the factory.  Save for the single window that lets in few shards of brightness, the room was a dreary and dark place. My uncle had left me here after my mom died 3 years ago. With time, I had to face the hard truth that this would be my home. If only I can fly out through the window.  Whenever I hear the vrooming sound of aero planes, I rush to the window tucked high up in the wall, trying to get a glimpse of the plane. I dream of becoming a pilot, flying under the sun, free as a bird.  But for now, I have to be content with the paper planes that I make out of scrap paper in the factory. I fly those out of the window wishing I was in it.

I have to make 500 match box a day. Even if my fingers throb or my eyes droop, I continue to make them to ward off punishment.  Suddenly I heard a commotion in the factory. Someone was fighting with the two monsters. Aided by police, they gain access to our dingy factory. One of them was holding my paper plane in his hand. Scared that they were going to punish me, I tried to hide. They herded us out of the factory to a blinding light. I raised my face up and saw the sun blazing above me. A tall bearded man came towards us and explained that we are now free. He had seen few paper planes outside of the factory and was suspicious of its presence in front of a matchbox factory. Upon further investigations, his suspicions were confirmed. Apparently twelve year old boys are not supposed to work. He came to rescue us from the darkness to a brighter life. To a life of hope and dreams and of course of Light.


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