Abandoned Treasures

I was busy rummaging through my cupboard for one of my lost certificate. Suddenly something fell out from that mess. On further inspection, it turned out to be a card I got years back with scribblings from my friends all over it. It had once been read so frequently that its edges are practically torn. There was a time when I treasured it more than anything. Now it lay abandoned in my cupboard. Continue reading Abandoned Treasures


Two States…

(Don’t fret, i am not gonna throw another review of this book at your face.:) Be patient and read on.)

In my history and civics paper, I have studied a lot about India’s unity.I dunno what the hell we are doing fighting with each other in the name of our State? Believe me when i say, I am not talking about the high profile disputes like water n land problem.I am talking about the small wars among common people like us.

Continue reading Two States…

P.S I Love You

Love is a beautiful concept.Most people are in love with the idea of being in love. But its dimensions are difficult to comprehend.The other day i saw a movie.It moved me beyond words.For me it defined another depth to love.It is not a spectacular movie nor does it have a compelling theme.Its just a love story.I was weeping right from the start till the credits.Maybe its just me, but that movie was awesome. Continue reading P.S I Love You

What if…?

This is one question i dread.It opens up a bundle of regrets.But its life,the only life you have.You gotta deal with whatever is dished out to you.
Ego is the deadliest of villains.It strips you of any control you might have over your actions.I guess i have my fair share of “ego”,to the point that it dictated my decisions.Decisions that cant be undone, that cost me something beautiful.It seemed sensible and logical at that moment.But once the cloud cleared,the full force of my actions hit me like a thunderbolt.I dont know if i should be ashamed or relieved.
The practical me know that my decisions were for my best, but the emotional me cries out for that unknown possibility.Its not that i regret anything,i lead a perfectly happy life.But in the weirdest of hours,out of nowhere,a question pops into my head,
WHAT IF……..?????

I rather lie.. ;)

I was shocked to realise that in my life,being truthful is a luxury i seldom exercise.Like all parents,mine too had imbibed in me all the necessary ingredients for being a good person.I dunno if i was too dumb to catch it or if i lost the ‘being truthful’ part somewhere.

Ahh!!! dont get too excited, i am not gonna confess any dark deed here.All i am talking about is the acting i do.When trapped in a compromising situation, i take the coward’s way out. I lie. The acting i have done to please someone, to solve a problem,to evade an impending disaster, all surely makes me the rightful nominee for next oscar!!!!

Yes, I am dishonest.

But i rather prefer gentle smiles to scorching stares.The truth is always hard to digest and the hard truth is that people really dont care if you are a phony, all they want is to be happy.If my truth cause sorrow to others, what good is it?? So, if you are expecting me to turn over new leaf, you can forget it. I RATHER LIE!!!

Is it just me???

Friendship is a wonderful feeling.It is the most sacred relationship we ever have in this life. A selfless, forgiving relationship. Jealousy ,possessiveness  and like negative emotions  have no place in friendship. A friend doesnot demand that you change,accepts you as you are.We get thousands of such forward messages extolling the greatness of friendship.

Isnt this definition highly overrated?? how many of you can honestly agree of having such a divine relationship? I say ‘friends stay with you when you are having a good time,flies when you fall,accepts you if you are to their liking,gets jealous of your achievements’. Friendship has come down to a group of people joined together when all is well but backstabs when a situation calls for it.

Pardon me for being such a cynic.Experiences have made me skeptical about the divinity of friendship.I am honest enough to admit that even i fall in this category.I do have a faint memory of having a friendship thats close enough to the sacred friendship i mentioned. I dont know if its the innocence of childhood that kept the friendship burning in its true spirit. But it was a great relationship.We shared everything together.She understood even before i explained, she knew the reason behind each nuance in my speech. She was great.But then i had to move to a different city as my parents got transfered.

Now i am 21 years old, and try as i might, i cannot have a similar relationship with anyone else.Is is coz i grew up? or because i started weighing the gain and loss of being in a relationship?What ever the reason,the selfless friendship remains just a distant dream.I want to bring back the old “me” before i completely lose touch with her,to recapture the old innocence.

I dedicate this blog to all out there who still enjoy the privilege of having a great friend.Keep that friendship sacred and safe coz its ENDANGERED!!!!!

About me..

An avid reader ,wannabe writer, traveler, free spirited, free thinker..  With a lot to say to this world but very less time and opportunity. I am glad for this space to scribble my thoughts. Anything that I say about myself will be just statistics that you file away. My posts and write-ups are the essence of my thoughts and my being. So please do read my posts to know me better. Encourage and support me to help me redefine myself.

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