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City of Gods.

Authors Note:  It is said that hardships and crisis exposes one’s true character. And it was brought forth in all its glory when Chennai came to a standstill due to the recent floods. The city proved that humanity is not yet dead and there is still hope in this world.  During these difficult times, it is this hope that helps us to push forward and battle it out. City of Gods is a series of short stories inspired from true incidents that happened when calamity struck Chennai. Though the characters and story is entirely fictional, the essence of the story is very much true. It is the story of all those gods who live among us.


I was a bit apprehensive when I entered my doctor’s cabin. Lying on the examination table, my mind raced with a million possibilities that can go wrong. I am sure my heart stopped for a second when a frown crept up on my doctors’ forehead. As the doctor continued poking and prodding me in silence, my heart kick started and galloped like a horse in a race.  Every fibre of my being ached for a baby. I have cried, begged, pleaded and prayed to all gods for a baby. After the last two miscarriages we had lost all hope of ever holding a baby in our arms. Apparently, my womb is very inhospitable and my babies are never comfortable there. By some miracle, if I do get pregnant, I could never manage to keep my baby alive until he is ready to come out. This was my third and the longest that I have gone. I had religiously visited the temple near our home every single day. Legend goes that if the temple deity is pleased with our offerings and prayers, she might just grant us a baby. I have dutifully performed all the prescribed pujas and offerings so it was not making any sense that the doctor is frowning right now.

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At times ,I would just like to take off!! Go somewhere,be someone else… Something , anything to get away from this rat race of a life. Sometimes the pressure, expectations, responsibilities becomes so unbearable that I would just like to scream my lungs out and runaway to some far away island. Or another planet is much preferable I guess!!!!

If you are one of those kinds who opine that a student’s life is a piece of cake, I would say YOU ARE WRONG!!! DEAD WRONG!!!

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What if…?

This is one question i dread.It opens up a bundle of regrets.But its life,the only life you have.You gotta deal with whatever is dished out to you.
Ego is the deadliest of villains.It strips you of any control you might have over your actions.I guess i have my fair share of “ego”,to the point that it dictated my decisions.Decisions that cant be undone, that cost me something beautiful.It seemed sensible and logical at that moment.But once the cloud cleared,the full force of my actions hit me like a thunderbolt.I dont know if i should be ashamed or relieved.
The practical me know that my decisions were for my best, but the emotional me cries out for that unknown possibility.Its not that i regret anything,i lead a perfectly happy life.But in the weirdest of hours,out of nowhere,a question pops into my head,
WHAT IF……..?????