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Its in my blood!!!!

As usual his eyes popped open even before the alarm blasted. He laid there waiting for the alarm to go off. A life without the boundaries and timelines he has set is inconceivable for him. As soon as the cacophony of alarm pierced the calm morning, he sat up, opening his eyes to his open palms held close to the face.  As any other sight might topple his entire day, he slowly peeked around it to the Ganesh Idol placed on the nearby table. Be it the position of the bed he sleeps in or the painstakingly arranged furniture, everything in his house has a place, a place carefully aligned  to please who ever handles the strings of his life. Continue reading Its in my blood!!!!


Two States…

(Don’t fret, i am not gonna throw another review of this book at your face.:) Be patient and read on.)

In my history and civics paper, I have studied a lot about India’s unity.I dunno what the hell we are doing fighting with each other in the name of our State? Believe me when i say, I am not talking about the high profile disputes like water n land problem.I am talking about the small wars among common people like us.

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