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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

“In a world where everybody has a tail, the one without it is considered physically handicapped”

As any other day, I was going on about with my daily ritual of scanning the newspaper when this particular caption caught my attention. The article as such was irrelevant but the caption triggered a chord in my memory and inspired me to write this post.

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Good old days….

For days I have been trying to write something.  I cannot think of a single thing to write about. Its then that it struck me. The most colourful and vibrant part of my life has just come to an end. I am not a college girl anymore. My life now has become just a dull existence.

I knew I will miss my college days, but never had I imagined that it will leave this deep dark hole in my heart. It was just yesterday that I entered this college as a fresher, but its already time to bid goodbye. I am stringing each word in this blog with an aching heart. This might not make an interesting read but that’s how I feel now.

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At times ,I would just like to take off!! Go somewhere,be someone else… Something , anything to get away from this rat race of a life. Sometimes the pressure, expectations, responsibilities becomes so unbearable that I would just like to scream my lungs out and runaway to some far away island. Or another planet is much preferable I guess!!!!

If you are one of those kinds who opine that a student’s life is a piece of cake, I would say YOU ARE WRONG!!! DEAD WRONG!!!

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Two States…

(Don’t fret, i am not gonna throw another review of this book at your face.:) Be patient and read on.)

In my history and civics paper, I have studied a lot about India’s unity.I dunno what the hell we are doing fighting with each other in the name of our State? Believe me when i say, I am not talking about the high profile disputes like water n land problem.I am talking about the small wars among common people like us.

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I rather lie.. ;)

I was shocked to realise that in my life,being truthful is a luxury i seldom exercise.Like all parents,mine too had imbibed in me all the necessary ingredients for being a good person.I dunno if i was too dumb to catch it or if i lost the ‘being truthful’ part somewhere.

Ahh!!! dont get too excited, i am not gonna confess any dark deed here.All i am talking about is the acting i do.When trapped in a compromising situation, i take the coward’s way out. I lie. The acting i have done to please someone, to solve a problem,to evade an impending disaster, all surely makes me the rightful nominee for next oscar!!!!

Yes, I am dishonest.

But i rather prefer gentle smiles to scorching stares.The truth is always hard to digest and the hard truth is that people really dont care if you are a phony, all they want is to be happy.If my truth cause sorrow to others, what good is it?? So, if you are expecting me to turn over new leaf, you can forget it. I RATHER LIE!!!