That’s a number I won’t forget ever!!!!!! Ok, let me explain.

It all started when I had a desire to own my own laptop. I searched and searched about various brands, different configurations and finally landed on Dell inspiron. Initially I thought I will save enough from my salary and then buy. But then, you know my thing for anything electronic right?? As expected I couldn’t wait that long. I was just itching to hold my laptop. So I talked my dad into a deal. He pay 40000 now, I will replay him little by little. I begged him to send the money ASAP so that I can order lap without any delay.

I don’t know what went wrong. I had given my account no correctly. I remember him taking down as such. But there was some mix up and the money went to some other account. I ran to nearest branch and explained my situation. Everyone there was helpless. I was advised to write a letter to dad’s bank explaining the mix up, give enough proof to support it, then the bank will investigate and if found legitimate would give back the money.

                            The big but was that all of this can happen only if the mistaken account holder didn’t withdraw the money, in which case I can just say good bye to laptop. The whole process will take much longer then what would have taken for me to save up :(. My fate and my damned obsession.!!!!!!! What else can I say? So what do you think happened??


Fine fine, I won’t keep you in suspense 🙂

There is a twist in the story. The mistaken account no and my account no differs only in one digit, the last digit. I came to know that if the first few digits are same, the account is in same branch. Now, my account was a salary account, started in the branch inside my company. That branch contains only my colleague’s accounts!!! This gave me an idea, I changed track and asked the bank to reveal account holders name. Because if I know the name, I can dig up the person’s complete data from our company site. Then beg, threat or fall at his feet – whatever it takes to get back the money. This being my plan, I proceeded to knock several doors to get the name.

Since it was against bank policy to reveal customer data my pleas fell on deaf ears. Not only my dream of holding my laptop moving farther and farther away but my dad was getting hysterical. Can’t blame him coz 40000rs is at stake. Finally, I found a sympathetic ear, someone at bank slipped up and revealed the name.( I think that mistake was an intentional one, he couldn’t bear to see my woeful and dejected face any longer ;)) we began a search for that person and got hold of his phone number. But alas as if all gods are plotting against me, the phone was switched off for 2 continuous days. I tried to contact someone who worked with him and came to know that he have just been transferred to a new place and nobody knows the new number!!

I was getting frustrated by minute; we would have called atleast 100 people, searched hundreds of profiles in FB to get someone that is linked to him. Nothing!!! It was like this person has vanished from face of earth. I was at tether’s end and almost lost hope. It was in such fix that my friend got the new number and thus ending the fiasco. Bless him, he agreed to transfer the money as soon as I contacted. So it’s in my brand new laptop that I am typing this blog 😉


6 thoughts on “40000/-

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  1. Would’ve been the most dramatic incident of your life isn’t it? 🙂
    If you’d explained more about your dad’s reactions, this post would’ve been a feast 😉


  2. Wow anee…!!!!! i never heard the full story from u the other day!!! phew!!! thank god it all ended wel!!! 🙂


  3. woow! I can imagine the tension prevailing among-st the days until the amount was in hand. Lot of juggle! Happy to hear that this was blogged from the new laptop.
    Happy Blogging.. 🙂


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