Good old days….

For days I have been trying to write something.  I cannot think of a single thing to write about. Its then that it struck me. The most colourful and vibrant part of my life has just come to an end. I am not a college girl anymore. My life now has become just a dull existence.

I knew I will miss my college days, but never had I imagined that it will leave this deep dark hole in my heart. It was just yesterday that I entered this college as a fresher, but its already time to bid goodbye. I am stringing each word in this blog with an aching heart. This might not make an interesting read but that’s how I feel now.

Each and every moment of last four years is still vivid in my memory. First year went of in a flurry of introductions. Gradually people with similar frequency gravitated and formed a gang. My gang!! We were referred as the rowdy gang by staffs. But basically we were a bunch of sweet gals you know, seriously.!! Not a day had gone by without one of us being the object of wrath of some staff. Be it sleeping in class or updating latest gossip among ourselves in hushed voices or messaging with mobiles carefully hidden under desk. we have been there, done that. Over the years we learnt to fool the staffs by carefully schooling our expressions and giving a picture of demure students listening with utmost concentration as soon as staff turned towards us. When we didn’t have class, you can find us romping off in college corridors laughing, scowling at the bothersome mech guys or silently scanning the grounds for a glimpse of any handsome hunks  and of course the canteen, the word itself is self explanatory so there is no need to explain further about its position in our college life. Okay okay, I know I am raving about college as if I am the first to graduate ever, bear with my gibberish. It is just that I can’t find the right words to explain my emotion.

I wouldn’t say that my college is the best college. But it sure has given me the best four years. The Aneena who is leaving college now is not the same person who joined here four years ago. The experiences here made me the person I am today. It molded me and sometimes bend me to make me fit to live in this world. Whenever I turn back and reminisce, all the memories leave me with a smile on my lips, even the memories that made me cry at one point.


7 thoughts on “Good old days….”

  1. It is the beginning of the next phase of life. I did enjoy this post, especially the mech guys thing and the ground scanning 😀 Happens in all the colleges 🙂 Eagerly waiting for your next post 🙂


  2. simply superb… and i’ve to admit, dis post turned my eyes moist… i’m one in the gang you mentioned and i really wan those days bk… n as i alweats did, i admired yr writing in dis too…


  3. Yeah, memories of incidents v cried make us laugh now &
    incidents where v laughed make us cry now.
    If not missing coll life, v’ll all miss our close gang very much.
    Good Work.


  4. awesome dear!!!!!i reli admired yr writing in tis too!!!!let yo all know,i’m one among tis gang n tellin tis out of pride!!!!:-):-)


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