At times ,I would just like to take off!! Go somewhere,be someone else… Something , anything to get away from this rat race of a life. Sometimes the pressure, expectations, responsibilities becomes so unbearable that I would just like to scream my lungs out and runaway to some far away island. Or another planet is much preferable I guess!!!!

If you are one of those kinds who opine that a student’s life is a piece of cake, I would say YOU ARE WRONG!!! DEAD WRONG!!!

Even at kindergarten, one is not left to their own devices.  A compulsion to score more, gain a better rank, a push to be best in everything that we do .The simple pleasures of a child like dance and music is denied by making it a competition.

It feels like I have been running a race from the day ‘one’. Getting into a good school in itself is a massive feat- 10th, 12th, entry to a reputed college… – all hurdles along the race. I have somehow crossed these hurdles, sometimes stumbling, sometimes knocking of the hurdle from its way. I have somehow come through, with few bruises to show, not entirely unscathed.

Now I am being forced to face the ultimate hurdle!!!

The placement!!!!

This being the recession period and all, much difficulty in getting a placement is anticipated. I, being one among the unfortunate many belonging to the 2010 batch- the unluckiest batch ever recorded- was drowning in the unchartered waters with nowhere to swim. All my efforts were put in just to keep my head up. Nothing more.

As if the situation is not worse enough, many self appointed well wishers will appear, putting their big nose where it doesn’t belong. GOD!!!!! What is it with them??   Their advices just grate on my skin. Their pitying glance strips me of all come backs.  What do they care if I land a job or end up in the slums?? Ain’t it my life??

Soooo, I was filled with anxiety on the day of my interview. When I sat  down to crack the aptitude round, my stomach quivered with butterfly attack. The faces of numerous people counting on me and yet another group of faces , waiting for me to fail, loomed in front of me. The test was tough and when I came out of the hall, my hope of clearing it was nil. The wait for the result that ensued was the longest in my life. The suspense is unbearable. Each second ticks away like the tick of a time bomb waiting to blast. No one would have been more surprised than me to hear my name called!! I was stumped..

Naturally I was pretty ecstatic when I  got placed. More so for the sake of shutting their big mouth than for my sake. 😉

But , I was mistaken!!!! It is next to impossible to shut them off; they had found something else to nag about. I once again had to adorn my racing gear coz

The Race is STILL ON!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Race!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Hi everyone… You must be this person’s fren reading dis blog… I’m one of her close frenz… The first time wen i read these blogs, i wondered if these were written by some gr8 novelist.. Don u also feel da same??? 🙂 Thats my FRIEND 🙂 and she’s known for such writings… She’s extremely talented and v’re forcing her thro to start writing books… And you can soon see dis person as a renowned novelist… 🙂


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