A really embarrassing episode happened to me in my second year of college.. Someone called me up. He asked me if I remember him. Dunno what made me, but suddenly I had a flash of recognition. Perceiving it as one of my good friend, I spoke to him.  I enquired about him parents, his recent trip to Chennai and what not. I even asked him to pass the phone to another person – a common friend of mine and the person I was conversing with. He passed it. And I had a nice little chat with the other fellow too.  It was only in the next day that I came to know that NO FRIEND I KNOW CALLED ME!!! It wasn’t an intentional prank. Nevertheless I was fooled, big time!!  Those two , to this day I don’t know who, really cashed in on the situation. The fool that I was, didn’t realize my folly till the end. I Practically died.. How will I ever show my face in the college. The mystery caller would have had a hearty laugh in my expense. You too must have been fooled at least once in your lifetime. No, don’t deny it. Its very difficult to find a soul who is yet to experience it. Fool’s day is my favourite day. I like to fool and be fooled a lot. I am addicted to its excitement. There is nothing to par the exhilaration and delight in meticulously planning and executing a prank. Seriously!! I am childish enough to enjoy this silliness. Even writing this blog makes me a bundle of excitement and brings back memories of  hordes of hilarious incidents. I vividly remember  another incident that happened when I was in my 11th and prank links in email was the rage of the season. I am sure you would have got the love calculator? Yeah!! I was fooled. I eagerly typed in my crush’s name. Imagine my shock when the screen displayed


To make it worse, the link was sent to me by a guy to whom I have never been close with. I was mortified with embarrassment. I felt like beating myself into pulp. Over  and over again.   Phew!!!!! Ok stop laughing. I have fooled too you know.. On a beautiful 31st of March, me and a friend ganged upon another friend and fooled him so thoroughly.  The screenplay and direction was entirely mine. We called him as the mother of a girl he was particularly close with 😉 and interrogated him, asking his intentions and all. He was trying to act tough and casual but was nearly whimpering on phone. 😉 Man!! It was so funny. I still laugh my head off remembering it.  This silliness and craziness  is what that lend colour to my life. I wish I am this crazy, this silly throughout my life. 🙂 🙂


6 thoughts on “SEASON’S GREEINGS!!!!!!!!”

  1. Oi,
    You forgot the call from the HR of Infosys. And your chat with him in malayalam.
    It was great fooling you.
    You could have included it.


  2. N these silliness and craziness is what that lend colour to everyone’s life. Lets see what awaits you tomorrow.
    Am not a gud critic so …..
    Good Thinking.
    Good Timing.


  3. lol 😀 I never thought you were so foolish to attend prank calls 😀 But then the last paragraph was good enough to show how ‘silent killers’ are 😉
    Very good read. Much better than the previous one. I thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂


  4. thanku very much. m trying to improve myself 🙂 i didn kno it was a prank call until d next day 😦


  5. Well, I hope you don’t mind getting very critical comments from me. You’ve the writing skills coded in your DNA. Try to master the language. Concentrate more on the spellings. Like, “Thank you” instead of “thanku”. It’ll impove the standards of your post 🙂


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