Abandoned Treasures

I was busy rummaging through my cupboard for one of my lost certificate. Suddenly something fell out from that mess. On further inspection, it turned out to be a card I got years back with scribblings from my friends all over it. It had once been read so frequently that its edges are practically torn. There was a time when I treasured it more than anything. Now it lay abandoned in my cupboard. Just like the gift, I have let many persons in my life recede to the dark corners of my mind. Thanks to my parents’ line of work, I had a nomadic existence all my life. I never stayed at a place more than 6 years. In effect I have a string of friends at each place. Drawn by this tidbit from the past, I began a frenzied search for other such forgotten treasures. I didn’t know that my room was such a treasure trove!!! The souvenirs from my friends, so far left unnoticed, brought tears to my eyes.

Things I came up with moved me. A stack of letters from my friend Chitra – We were in 3rd Std when we last met. Our letters had been filled with all the silliness of 8 year olds, the slam book entry of my 1st crush – the oh so lovingly handled pages and words that had once been etched to my soul, the very first love letter I got -torn to pieces by my irate father ofcoz 😉and the list goes on.

All the sweet memories came rushing back to me. I saw all the people that I allowed to drift away from my life. Now my college days are about to end. The life as I know is about to change forever. Standing at the crossroads, I vowed to myself to make a serious effort to find all the friends I lost and keep in touch.


4 thoughts on “Abandoned Treasures”

  1. really nice post. there are certain such tiny treasures that we come across in a second’s notice which take us to a trance of seemingly lost and forgotten past, only to remind us that such small things are those that bring a smile on our face.. those we really cherish..

    i dont get to surf often, bear with my deferral in comments.. 🙂


  2. Your post has made me think, I got to turn my room upside down, to unearth some of my “abandoned treasures”.
    Good Post.


  3. Short. Sweet. Elegant.

    //entry of my 1st crush – the oh so lovingly handled pages and words that had once been etched to my soul//

    There is nothing as good as ‘re-reading’ that entry. I used to fall in love again and again!

    Try spinning this blog post into a poem…and we’ll be happy to see a poet 🙂


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