Two States…

(Don’t fret, i am not gonna throw another review of this book at your face.:) Be patient and read on.)

In my history and civics paper, I have studied a lot about India’s unity.I dunno what the hell we are doing fighting with each other in the name of our State? Believe me when i say, I am not talking about the high profile disputes like water n land problem.I am talking about the small wars among common people like us.

I highly abhor all types of discrimination that separate people.My belief is that people should be valued on the basis of their character.Only recently did i realize that these principles were just a sham.Just words to me.In the heart of heart i had been a chauvinist.I am a malayali through and through.A proud one too.I like to hear my states’ and my people’s name at the top always.This seemed a normal emotion until upto the time i left Kerala.Now i am living in Tamil Nadu.

When my friends heard that i am leaving to TN, they teased me relentlessly,calling me a ‘Pandi’ and so on.I didn’t want to go to Tamil nadu. But fate wouldn’t have it any other way.I had to come to Tamil nadu.Days passed, I mingled with people here,Made lots of friends.I thought that my aversion to everything tamil has gone away.Who was to know that it only vanished from the surface.Deep inside i still was a chauvinist.

Then something happened, something silly but something which i will never forgive myself.I came to college as any other day.A close friend of mine complimented me that i looked like a beautiful tamil girl.Dunno what came over me. I guess the ‘chauvinist me’ came into play.I reacted very strongly and said

” Ayye, i don’t wanna be a tamilian”.

Poor girl, she said so with all the good intentions.Her face fell and she left without any further words.She knew how some malayalis thought so lowly of tamilians.But would never have expected me to be one among them 😦 Even the people here have a bad opinion of us.They flee when a mallu approaches.My friend befriended me inspite of all this whereas i behaved cheaply n allowed my cheap thinkings to hurt her.I understood my mistake but could not find the right words to apologize.I am deeply ashamed of myself.To this day i am trying to make up to her.

To my friends out there who think we malayalis are far more superior than others ,I’d like to say just one thing
STOP THIS BLOODY NON SENSE!!!!!!!!!! I am living here for 6 years and i can vouch for the fact that the tamilians are more warm, friendly and helpful than anyone i have seen anywhere.They would give their right arm for the needy without a moments hesitation.So dears, i urge you to stop discriminating people based on their place of birth.Its the heart that counts. Really…..


6 thoughts on “Two States…”

  1. Nice one, but if u ever felt offended u shud hav told me.
    And I share ur feelings, for I moved to Bihar instead of TN. Biharis r looked down upon although they are the most hardworkin ppl i hav ever seen. Just dont understand y.


  2. I completely agree the point “tamilians are more warm, friendly and helpful than anyone”. I still wonder why we are all so proud.
    A typical example, I wnt to a friend’s home which is in a small village somewhere far. Me with 25 others. We were given lime juice at first followed by tender coconut water. Each of us drank nearly three to four. Then followed a heavy lunch. Mutton Biriyani, Fish Fries. God, hotels cant beat that taste. So what I say is we could never image such a salkaram in our so called “God’s own country” where “Ella Kahkekum than kunj pon kunj”.


  3. Hey..I do agree with you Tamilians are the best…And I have found them very hospitable,friendly,accepting and patient too..


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