P.S I Love You

Love is a beautiful concept.Most people are in love with the idea of being in love. But its dimensions are difficult to comprehend.The other day i saw a movie.It moved me beyond words.For me it defined another depth to love.It is not a spectacular movie nor does it have a compelling theme.Its just a love story.I was weeping right from the start till the credits.Maybe its just me, but that movie was awesome. ‘P.S. I Love You’ is a movie about a couple whose love surpasses even death. A sheaf of letters left to the wife by the dead husband helps her to face life.She finds happiness again.Those letters were the last ray of hope to her. I know it sounds like a silly movie.I guess it struck the romantic chord in me. 😉 Such love might happen only in stories.But it gave me a scale to measure. I hope my love has this depth….


4 thoughts on “P.S I Love You”

  1. Decide the guy first. Not how much. And the movie wasnt as silly as u mentioned.
    One more thing, blog more regularly, for u write well


  2. Every woman falls in love with this movie (and some exceptional men like me as well ;)). The essence of the film were in the letters. So very beautiful. Now that you love this film, try watching ’50 FIRST DATES’ and please do read the novel ‘P.S.I love you’. It is much more romantic.


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