What if…?

This is one question i dread.It opens up a bundle of regrets.But its life,the only life you have.You gotta deal with whatever is dished out to you.
Ego is the deadliest of villains.It strips you of any control you might have over your actions.I guess i have my fair share of “ego”,to the point that it dictated my decisions.Decisions that cant be undone, that cost me something beautiful.It seemed sensible and logical at that moment.But once the cloud cleared,the full force of my actions hit me like a thunderbolt.I dont know if i should be ashamed or relieved.
The practical me know that my decisions were for my best, but the emotional me cries out for that unknown possibility.Its not that i regret anything,i lead a perfectly happy life.But in the weirdest of hours,out of nowhere,a question pops into my head,
WHAT IF……..?????

2 thoughts on “What if…?”

  1. “Its not that i regret anything,i lead a perfectly happy life.”

    Isn’t that a paradox? That itself says you regret some things. And your post started off something like – “It opens up a bundle of regrets”. Everyone regrets about one thing or the other, there are others who regret a lot. I’m one such guy, but the worst part is WE are not willing to accept it. We say we are happy. I do. Its much easy to sat “i am OK” than to say otherwise.

    And there are a few who feel “why should I bother others with my problems, they’ve their own”. To a large extent it is better to walk with a veneer of a fake smile.


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