I rather lie.. ;)

I was shocked to realise that in my life,being truthful is a luxury i seldom exercise.Like all parents,mine too had imbibed in me all the necessary ingredients for being a good person.I dunno if i was too dumb to catch it or if i lost the ‘being truthful’ part somewhere.

Ahh!!! dont get too excited, i am not gonna confess any dark deed here.All i am talking about is the acting i do.When trapped in a compromising situation, i take the coward’s way out. I lie. The acting i have done to please someone, to solve a problem,to evade an impending disaster, all surely makes me the rightful nominee for next oscar!!!!

Yes, I am dishonest.

But i rather prefer gentle smiles to scorching stares.The truth is always hard to digest and the hard truth is that people really dont care if you are a phony, all they want is to be happy.If my truth cause sorrow to others, what good is it?? So, if you are expecting me to turn over new leaf, you can forget it. I RATHER LIE!!!


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