Is it just me???

Friendship is a wonderful feeling.It is the most sacred relationship we ever have in this life. A selfless, forgiving relationship. Jealousy ,possessiveness  and like negative emotions  have no place in friendship. A friend doesnot demand that you change,accepts you as you are.We get thousands of such forward messages extolling the greatness of friendship.

Isnt this definition highly overrated?? how many of you can honestly agree of having such a divine relationship? I say ‘friends stay with you when you are having a good time,flies when you fall,accepts you if you are to their liking,gets jealous of your achievements’. Friendship has come down to a group of people joined together when all is well but backstabs when a situation calls for it.

Pardon me for being such a cynic.Experiences have made me skeptical about the divinity of friendship.I am honest enough to admit that even i fall in this category.I do have a faint memory of having a friendship thats close enough to the sacred friendship i mentioned. I dont know if its the innocence of childhood that kept the friendship burning in its true spirit. But it was a great relationship.We shared everything together.She understood even before i explained, she knew the reason behind each nuance in my speech. She was great.But then i had to move to a different city as my parents got transfered.

Now i am 21 years old, and try as i might, i cannot have a similar relationship with anyone else.Is is coz i grew up? or because i started weighing the gain and loss of being in a relationship?What ever the reason,the selfless friendship remains just a distant dream.I want to bring back the old “me” before i completely lose touch with her,to recapture the old innocence.

I dedicate this blog to all out there who still enjoy the privilege of having a great friend.Keep that friendship sacred and safe coz its ENDANGERED!!!!!


8 thoughts on “Is it just me???

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  1. Great start dear. I loved your style of writing. Keep writing, im sure you have a lot to tell the world.

    I especially loved your dark style of writing, your candid views of life. Keep writing, dont be slowed down or stopped by any inhibitions.

    Good job.
    Keep going..


  2. Hey dear… Friendships are like that. At times you become lonely whomsoever you may have. But yah.. You cant depend on anyone. I m proud to say I have frnds belonging to the elite circle. And I love them so dearly. Cheers to all those out there who live to make friends and keep the fire alive!


  3. Honestly speaking, as a critic…the ‘cutesourire essence’ is missing in this post 😦 The package doesn’t seem to be full, the way it used to be!


  4. oh.. hmmm. 😦 i ll try to spruce it up a bit in my next attempt.. thankyou so much 4 yr honest opinion.


  5. for a novice writin her first blog, dis is gud dear… n i can see da difference… yr final post seems to be vcery professional compared to the dis one… 🙂


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